Safeguarding assessment

Third sector organisations play an important role in providing services and activities for children, young people and adults. Using a risk based approach and self assessment can help you make informed decisions about safeguarding within your organisation.

The self assessment tool can be used as a checklist to review safeguarding within your organisation and to identify what else you might need to do to put safeguards in place. The tool does not intend, nor can it, cover all possible elements of safeguarding in third sector organisations. Similarly, it is not possible to capture all elements in detail such as policy design. It is designed to highlight your legal responsibilities, good practice and some areas for practical consideration. Only you can determine what best possible safeguarding looks like for your organisation.

We constantly review the tool so that it reflects current developments.

We would like to know how the use of the self assessment tool changes practice within organisations and how useful people find it. Feedback

Next steps: use the resource in safeguarding policy and practice and recruiting safely to help fill the gaps and to complete the process across our training.